the advanced support for heading machine

the advanced support for heading machine

the advanced support for heading machine

【Model】: the advanced support for heading machine


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the advanced support for heading machineIntroduction

the advanced support for heading machineParameter


Performance characteristics

  1. The system controls the action of every part through the control valve, which can change the traditional form of support, free to walk along with the heading machine, the power is provided by the machine.
  2. It has independent movement operation function. The system can be extended when being used, and can be folded when not being used, which can reduce the supporting auxiliary time. It would not affect the performance when combined with the comprehensive digging machine, the operation is simple and convenient.
  3. Exert initial supporting force to the roof effectively and take temporary support for the working face, which can avoid working in the empty top area for the workers, increase the safety of the staff when anchor and support, achieve mechanized track laying of the anchor network, ensure the connection quality of the anchor network, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers greatly.

Application area:
Principle: When working, the hydraulic pump station of the original comprehensive digging machine supplies oil, pushes the two position three-way valve, makes the hydraulic oil pass the shunt valve into the balance valve, the support cylinder and the folding cylinder. So that the top frame is open up. Raise the main frame by pushing the lift cylinder, Step into the three group cylinder coordination operation through the multi-directional valve; so that the top frame and the main frame can be adjusted to the required height, angle and support force to stop.

Classification of the advanced support for heading machine
According to the way of supporting, it can be divided into the classification as follows:

  1. Anchor-net steel belt type support;
  2. 2. H section steel type support;
  3. U-type shed support;  
  4. 4.Top frame front-side extension support;
  1. Top frame front-side extension side support with protective film

According to the top protection requirement of supporting, it can be divided into the classification as follows:
1. Regular basic support; 2. Top frame front extension support; 3. Top frame side extension support
According to the shape of the top frame, it can be divided into the classification as follows:

Rectangular roadway support; 2. Arched roadway support; 3. Trapezoid roadway support

Multi-purpose anchor-net steel belt type support
1. Main technical parameters
1). Applicable roadway section: rectangular, trapezoid;
2) Applicable roadway size:
Roadway net height≥2.2m, roadway net width ≥3.0m (within the range of products);
3) Maximum support force: 2.5T;
4) Support area: 3.24m³~9.4m³;
5) The distance that the support beyond the head of the heading machine: 0.6m~2m;
6) Top frame lateral tilt angle: -20°~+20°;
7) Top frame front and rear tilt angle:0°~120 °;
2. Hydraulic system performance parameters
1) Rated pressure: 16Mp;
2) Rated flow: 50L/min;
3. Device weight: about 1T;


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